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Moving After Divorce

So, you’re divorced, have a Parenting Plan, child support, and are enjoying your post-divorce life. Then you get an opportunity for the job of your dreams. The only problem, it’s two time zones away. Or maybe your ex gets that job and tells you that he/she wants to move and take the kids. You know you can’t put the kids on a plane every other weekend. So what to do?

The first step is to consult an experienced divorce attorney. Whether someone can move with the kids depends on lots of factors like: how much time each person spends with the kids, the reason for the move, the place you’re going, and the people who will be there. If you spend “substantially equal time” with the kids, it will be harder to move with the kids. If the move is for a reasonable purpose it will be harder to stop.

Moving isn’t as easy as just selling the house and packing up, the law requires you to take some very specific steps and the laws about relocation changes frequently. Before you decide to move or if your ex is moving, give us a call, set up a consultation, and get the advice you need about parental relocation from an experienced Knoxville divorce attorney.