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Divorce doesn’t have to be a long, grueling, costly, and conflict-ridden process. If you and your spouse have discussed your divorce already and are willing to work through this process cooperatively, congratulations! You have just saved yourselves a ton in attorney’s fees. “Lightly Contested” and “Agreed Divorces” are less expensive options for divorcing couples that can still effectively work together to get the job done.

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How to Qualify for an Uncontested Divorce

1. Agree on everything (agreed divorce) or almost everything (lightly contested), including:

  • Property division (how to split your assets and debts)
  • Parenting plan (who and when each party gets the kids and child support, if applicable)
  • Alimony (ongoing support after the divorce is over)

2. Work together to find an agreement.

You will need to be on good terms and have good communication skills with each other. Ideally, you won’t hate each other, fight, or engage in other disruptive behavior because this conflict impedes your ability to come to an agreement.

3. Have separate lawyers.

Held Law Firm would only represent one of the parties. We cannot represent both parties because we would not be able to advocate or give separate legal advice. We can communicate with the other party about non-legal matters (letting them know of hearings, answering factual questions about the process, etc.).

4. Be willing to sign the final paperwork.

Parties may meet and sign the paperwork together or, alternatively, come into the office to meet separately with us.

Can Your Divorce Be Low Cost?

Want to know if your divorce could be considered agreed or lightly contested? Answer each question below to the best of your ability. You’ll total your score at the end to learn of the likelihood that your divorce could be uncontested.

The Agreed Divorce Process

  1. Parties agree to all terms. Those terms are transmitted into their marital dissolution agreement (MDA) and permanent parenting plan (PPP).
  2. The paperwork (divorce complaint, initial pleadings, MDA, PPP, etc.) is drafted and the client reviews it. The attorney makes any changes necessary.
  3. Parties come to the law firms and sign off on the paperwork.
  4. The paperwork is filed together as one packet with the court.
  5. The filing of the paperwork triggers the 90-day waiting period with the court. We set a hearing 90 days out (60 days if no minor children).
  6. After the 90-day waiting period has passed, the final announcement hearing happens at the court.
  7. The Judge will sign off on the paperwork and pronounce the parties divorced.

The Lightly Contested Divorce Process

  1. Parties agree to most terms. Those terms are transmitted into their MDA and PPP.
  2. Parties continue to work out the terms that they are lacking, OR a proposal is sent to one party for review. The parties can discuss amongst themselves and ask the attorney any questions through the spouse who is the attorney’s client.
  3. We can either: go ahead and file the divorce, which will start the 90-day period, and agree to terms later OR wait until a complete agreement has been reached and file it as an agreed divorce, which would continue with the agreed divorce process.

Questions to Consider

If you’re hoping to reduce the cost of your divorce, it’s important to try to answer the following questions by yourself or with your spouse.

  • How contested do you think the case will be?
  • Does the other party know you are wanting a divorce?
  • Does the other party agree to the divorce?
  • Are you all on good terms? Have you been communicating well?
  • Have you agreed to terms (for example, how you are going to split your property or a parenting schedule)?
  • What kind of assets to you have? Include your house(s), car(s), retirement, and other significant assets.

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