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Knoxville Divorce Lawyers

A Divorce Lawyer with Integrity

At Held Law Firm, our expertise is in representing our clients during a divorce or child custody and support disputes. Most divorce lawyers call custody litigation a fight “over the kids.” Instead, at Held Law Firm, we believe in fighting “for the kids” during custody disputes. Under the right conditions, your divorce costs can be significantly reduced. We offer low-cost options for agreed and lightly contest divorces.

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South Knox Elementary School Historical Project

Help us raise funds for the South Knoxville Elementary School 2020-2021 Historical Project in Knoxville Tennessee.

This project will look forward to the 225th Anniversary of Tennessee’s Statehood in 2021.

Held Law Firm, Blount Mansion, and South Knox Elementary are co-sponsoring the project.   It will include monthly events, usually at the school, on colonial life at the time Tennessee became a state (1796).   The purpose of the event series is to advance Knox County Schools’ curricula for elementary kids on colonial history in a way that engages the kids.


Meet Our Knoxville Attorneys

We have a passion for the practice of family law and the people it was meant to protect. As a team of experienced divorce attorneys and child custody lawyers in Knoxville, TN, we will help you fight and restore your faith in justice. The most rewarding moments of our job are the victories for clients. That’s why our symbol is the flying pig. It stands for real hope in the face of impossible odds. At Held Law Firm, we take the legal cases that touch lives by diligently working for your family, including defending your kids, your job, and your community. As Knoxville attorneys, we practice divorce and family law Tennessee.