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The Flying Pig

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At Held Law Firm, we are proud to provide family law representation to individuals and families throughout Knoxville as well as community outreach to enhance the lives of everyone in the area. We have created The Flying Pig, based on our mascot, as a way to communicate with you and the rest of the community about our firm, breaking news, and our participation in the community.

Here you will find:

  • Developing information about our firm, its accomplishments, and news articles we have been featured in
  • Information about our beloved interns
  • Information about our community involvement and events
  • Other involvements that our firm and staff participate in
  • Helpful blogs about family law topics and the latest news involving this practice area

Why the “Flying Pig?”

The flying pig represents the story behind our founding attorney’s introduction into the legal field. As a young and pregnant law student, Attorney Margaret Held met openly sexist resistance from professors and other students. These individuals thought she was out of line for wanting to pursue her education and career due to her “condition” and future responsibilities as a parent. When she was being told she needed to quit law school and get her priorities “clear,” she rebelled by saying she would quit law school “when pigs fly.” She went on to prove the naysayers wrong, graduating and starting the successful practice she manages today.

Margaret never gave up her dream and pursued her path with conviction, demonstrating the quality of the representation, leadership, and determination you will find at Held Law Firm.

"when pigs fly"

An Attitude That Has Served Our Clients Well
  • Professional, Accurate, and Timely!

    “Chelsea Price exceeded expectation with our case of step parent adoption. I highly recommend her for adoption cases. She was professional, accurate, and timely in completing everything that needed to ...”

    - Ashley C.
Held Law Firm- Why the Flying Pig?

Our beloved interns

Bringing Much Needed Change & Impact to Our Local Communities


At Held Law Firm, we are committed to bringing lasting impact and change to our local communities. We've hired on a great team of law students to grow in their practice and continue to make lasting impacts to our communities. It's the work we are the most proud of.

Here's a list of some of the projects we've done in the past:

  • William Blount Mansion Hands On History ProjectMargaret Held, 2021.

  • Dasha Lundy for County CommissionMargaret Held, 2020. We helped get Dasha Lundy elected to county commission.

  • Relative Care Givers Support GroupChelsea Price, 2020. We helped set up a non-profit organization to help people who provide foster care to their relative’s kids.

  • Literacy ProjectFaith Held, 2019. We set up a library in the Juvenile Detention Center curated by the kids. Each child gets to take home a book when they leave and a copy is donated to the center library in their name.

  • Trans Name Change ProjectGuy Tustin, 2019. Guy and Faith organized a name change clinic targeting trans youth and worked with local Chancery Court re: making the process less intimidating and more welcoming to applicants for name changes.

  • Collaborative Law Project Melanie Hogg, 2019. Melanie helped introduce collaborative law as an alternative to contested litigation in Knoxville.

  • Food Stamp Work Requirement Reform ProjectRhys Bowen Tatum, 2018. Rhys continued work he began at the Tennessee Justice Center to design a training for human services workers regarding work requirements and food stamp eligibility.

  • Freedom of Religion in School- Margaret Held, 2004. Margaret litigated and organized to end shipping Union County schoolchildren to 3 day long tent revivals every spring.

  • Bob Becker for City Council- Margaret Held, 2001. We helped get Bob Becker elected to Knoxville City Council.

  • Neighborhood Reinvestment Project- Margaret Held, 2000. Margaret helped start several non-profit organizations and dozens of private businesses in Knoxville’s poor neighborhoods.

  • Citizens for Police Review (PARC) - Margaret Held, 2002. Margaret organized faith and civic leaders to protest the killing of black men in police custody and drafted the ordinance for the Police Advisory and Review Commission, an independent police review body.

  • Knox Recall- Margaret Held, 1998. Margaret co-organized and represented organization that fought for recall of Knoxville mayor after alleged violations of sunshine laws and to purge and reform the voter roles.

  • Annie Selwyn Award: Jobs for Domestic Violence Survivors- Margaret Held, 1998. Margaret received award for helping design programs to help domestic violence victims attempting to achieve financial independence from their abusers.

  • Economic Literacy Project- Margaret Held, 1997. Margaret co-organized series of workshops to educate public over use of government funded economic development incentives to attract jobs in low income neighborhoods.

  • Home Based Business Project- Margaret Held, 1995. Margaret convinced the local housing authority to allow approved home based businesses to operate in public housing.