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Collaborative law is an approach that seeks to avoid the traditional adversarial litigation model in favor of a team approach to conflict resolution. Held Law Firm is specially trained in collaborative law and is committed to taking a team approach in resolving your issue. The parties agree, in a written contract, to jointly retain the necessary specialists to assist in reaching an agreement and the attorneys involved agree that neither will represent either party in court if the collaborative effort is unsuccessful.

We believe that the divorce transition can moves clients towards a more positive future, especially where co-parenting will be needed.

Suppose you are interested in resolving your collaborative divorce more peacefully and amicably. In that case, our Knoxville divorce lawyer recommends learning more about how the collaborative process can benefit you.

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How Does the Collaborative Law Process Work?

Litigation often causes hostility. Collaborative law is designed to prevent, limit, or end that hostility. This can be especially important in cases where, as angry as you might be with your spouse, you recognize you will have to work with them in the future to co-parent. It can also work in divorces where the parties don’t hate one another; they just don’t love each other anymore and have decided to part ways.

In collaborative law, parties and their attorneys sign a contract agreeing that they will not ask the Judge to resolve their dispute. Instead, they will consult with various professionals, such as accountants, financial advisors, and child therapists; exchange information openly; and resolve their divorce themselves in advance of formally filing for divorce.

A divorce coach, typically a licensed mental health professional, helps guide the process and works with the parties to move through conflicts and aid in communication. The divorce coach keeps the process going forward and facilitates meetings. A financial specialist is employed to analyze the parties’ financial assets and options and assist with developing a plan. Sometimes, if children are involved, a child specialist may be utilized to help with the parenting plan.

The idea is for the parties to gather information from neutral resources and make informed decisions about the future of their family. The parties and their attorneys meet separately and in four-way sessions to discuss their needs, options, and to cooperate through creative problem-solving to resolve all of their issues in the private setting outside of court. Once they have come to mutually-agreeable terms, their attorneys can formalize the agreement for submission to the court.

The Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

The benefits of a collaborative resolution include:

  • A less adversarial and more amicable process where both parties and their children may face less emotional stress
  • A private process outside of the public forum of a courtroom
  • Less costly than courtroom litigation
  • Less time-consuming because it does not depend on court schedules
  • More control of deeply-personal issues as opposed to having them decided by a judge

Resolve Your Divorce with Help from a Knoxville Collaborative Divorce Attorney

If you are seeking a more harmonious way to transition through your divorce, we advise you to seek the help of Held Law Firm.

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