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Can I Share a Divorce Lawyer With My Spouse?

Many people who have an uncontested divorce want to know if they can “share” an attorney with their spouse.

The answer to this questions is not as cut and dried as a simple “yes” or “no.”

Do both people need to hire a lawyer? No. If the couple has agreed on every single detail, can they bring it to a lawyer to make it into something legally sufficient? Yes.

However, a lawyer cannot ethically represent both people. The way this typically works out is if one spouse will take the lead on bringing the agreement to the lawyer, who will then draw up the necessary paperwork, have the first spouse sign it, and then bring the other spouse in to review and sign it.

The couple can meet separately or together with the lawyer to go over the details, but the lawyer can only give legal advice to the spouse who hired the lawyer.

If a couple agrees on all the terms, an uncontested divorce can be done in a fast, inexpensive way with quality results. If you think you have an uncontested divorce and would like to speak with an attorney, call us for a case assessment today.