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I Want a Second Opinion on My Case

We get calls almost every day from people who want a second opinion about their case. These are people who want to make sure that their attorney is doing a good job, or who need to get a new attorney.

Unfortunately, it can be confusing and overwhelming when you have to check up on the person you hired to fight for your interests. So, what can you do if you aren’t sure that your attorney is doing everything you need them to?

The first thing to know is this: don’t immediately fire your current attorney. A bad attorney can still (usually) provide more protection than no attorney.

The next step is to come in for a case assessment with an outside attorney, such as Held Law Firm. Bring all the legal documents related to your case and any other documents you think are important. During your case assessment, one of our divorce attorneys will explain the process to you, evaluate your documents, and offer their opinion on if you are being adequately represented.

Some people choose to use the input they get from this meeting to offer suggestions to their current attorney. However, some folks decide they want us to take over. That process is very easy. Once you retain us, we contact your current attorney and let them know we will be taking over. We then draft a document called a Notice of Substitution of Counsel. This just lets the Court and the other side know that you have new attorney.

We will then get your file from your old attorney. You can also pick it up. Remember, your attorney must give you your file upon your request, they cannot hold it hostage. Once we take over, we organize your file and start to work, either fixing what was wrong or picking up where you and your old attorney left off.

The relationship between you and your attorney is vital. You have to be able to trust them completely. Usually, by the time someone is wondering if their attorney is doing a good job, that relationship is damaged to the point that a change should be made.

If you need to change attorneys, or you just want another set of eyes on your case, give us a call. We’ll be glad to help.

To schedule a case assessment with a Held Law Firm attorney, call (865) 685-4780.