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What to Bring to Your Case Assessment


Many people want to know what they need to bring to their case assessment. This is a great question, because the more prepared you are, the more efficiently you and the attorney can use that time to make a plan for your case.

Here are 5 things you should bring to a case assessment:

1. Yourself and your questions.

This time is about you and your case. Even if you don’t have access to the other things on this list, the attorney can help you get them. Your questions and concerns are most important because our goal is to answer all of them before you leave.

2. Any legal documents you have been served or may have on hand.

If you’ve been served with legal documents, bring them in so the attorney can explain them to you. If you’re looking to change a Court order, bring in a copy of the order so the attorney can see what they’re dealing with.

3. Financial documentation.

Do you own a house? Bring in something showing what it’s worth and what you owe. The same thing goes for cars, retirement accounts, bank accounts, and any debts you owe. The more complete a picture the attorney has of your finances, the better advice they can give you.

4. Pay stubs and tax returns.

Income is always a factor in a divorce. Bring in around a month’s worth of pay stubs and at least three years of tax returns if you can.

5. Documentation of expenses.

What are your monthly bills? Bring in documentation of how much you have to spend every month so the attorney can advise you about issues of spousal support.

Bonus: Anything else you think is important.

As a general rule we would rather have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Remember, this all about you, if you think it’s important, we want to know.

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