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In Thanksgiving

Held Law Firm is grateful for so many things this year.  2020 has been a year of struggle and pain for so many of us, and we are aware of the compromises being made by all:  hard decisions about sharing this time with others, and finding ways to express our love for those who are so far away, or dealing with loss and sadness.  If there is hurt, pain and loss in your life, our hope is that there is healing also.

Hopefully, in sharing our thankfulness, we can see into the heart of those we know and love.

Here are some thanksgivings from those of us here at Held Law Firm:

“I am very grateful for the good health of my family this year.”~~M.H.

“My thanksgivings this year are for my family and friends’ continued good health. Also, for my sweet children and the strength, courage, and resilience they have shown throughout this crazy year. And this Fall; 2020 was full of vibrant fall leaves and beautiful skies.” ~~C.K.

“I am thankful for my partner, my cat, and the health of my friends and family.” ~~V.L.

“I am thankful for my husband, my family, my dog Raine and my new job!” ~~C.P.

“I am thankful for my children, my family, and the job I have & the people I work with.” ~~T.V.

“I am thankful for the people who worked here this year.  Folks like Kaelynn Stuart, who was instrumental in helping the firm help get Dasha Lundy elected and who tightened up our intake process.  Folks like Leah Fitzgerald, who was beloved by all of us and her clients.  We miss her as she moves off to the greener pastures of her new job in Chattanooga.

I am grateful for the new folks, like Charis Kraski, whose energy and professionalism she brought to her work on the Blount Mansion/South Knox Collaborative in her first three months here. To Victoria Long, who has impressed and delighted me with her suffer-no-fools investigations.  To Chelsea Price, the one who speaks softly but carries one heck of a big stick to our newly developing adoption practice.  And to Kelsey Stelly, for her investigation into mental health’s impact on the legal system, and vice versa.

But maybe most of all the folks who have stayed with me all these years – Tessa Vazquez for her loyalty these last seven years; Melanie for her steadiness these last six years.  These are the women who teach me so much every day, who inspire me to keep at this work, who hold me accountable when I could do better.  Thank you.” ~~ Margaret

As this season begins, we want to express our gratefulness for those whose lives we have come in contact with this year both professionally and privately. We wish everyone all the best during this beautiful season.