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Collaborative Work

Held Law Firm believes that our work is accomplished outside the office, as well as in the typical office setting.  Inside the office, we strive for excellence in representing our clients in every aspect of a case.  Outside the office, we work hard to build community, and to produce a quality outcome in our efforts for the community.   But, we cannot do this alone and so we find strength in collaboration.sign

In the fall of 2020, Held Law Firm and Blount Mansion partnered and began a Historical Project for South Knoxville Elementary School students.  The first part of this “school year long” venture was a swearing in ceremony for the 2020-2021 Student Council at the home of William Blount – Blount Mansion – The Birthplace of Tennessee.   Held Law Firm believes that immersing these students in civics and the responsibility of leadership is of value, not just for the students but for everyone.

tannaThe grounds of Blount Mansion were filled with proud parents, earnest students, speakers, DAR Representatives and curious onlookers.  swearingWe all learned about the history behind Blount Mansion from Executive Director David Hearnes and Michael Jordan, Director of Marketing and Public Relations.  And, we got a look inside 18th Century life here in East Tennessee: did you know that the Tennessee State Constitution was drafted on the standing desk in the office of William Blount.  Dr. Tanna Nicely, the Principal of SKES talked about the importance of civics and thanked all the parents and grandparents that came out to stand beside their student.  The Student Council were sworn in by The Honorable Robin Gunn, Juvenile Court Magistrate.

To end the event, the students and Judge Gunn signed a Charter with an authentic feather pen. Judge Gunn (seen below) is signing the Charter at the standing desk on which the Tennessee Constitution was drafted.  The Charter was written specially for this day, and commemorates the significance of the oath taken by the students “I swear to serve as a good example for my fellow students, and that I will learn about and uphold the laws and Constitution of the State of Tennessee and the United States of America”

We are so proud of the students at SKES and we are excited about future projects.  Stay with us as we explore the late 18th century in East Tennessee, and as we look forward to celebrating Tennessee’s 225 th Anniversary of becoming the 16th state in a very young United States of America.


Working on this project has shown us that collaboration not only expands the knowledge base and brings in ideas and know-how that were previously unavailable, but the enthusiastic involvement between the partners, associates, and volunteers is foundational to living a good life.   Community collaboration works.

Held Law Firm ~~ Community ~~ We collaborate.