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My Ex Isn’t Following Our Parenting Plan: What Now?

Sad child

Custody disputes can be quite contentious and involve heated emotions. When it comes to their children, most people are not eager to compromise. It is not surprising that many parents encounter further disputes due to another parent not following the permanent parenting plan established by the court.

Child custody disputes end with a permanent parenting plan (PPP) which sets out each parent’s co-parenting time, rights as to decision-making ability for the child, and child support. A permanent parenting plan is a court order that must be followed according to Tennessee Code Annotated, section 36-6-502. This means that if one parent does not follow the PPP, that parent can be held in contempt of court. When the court finds a parent in contempt, legal ramifications follow. He or she may face hefty fines or jail time. Therefore, it is important that you follow your plan to the letter.

If you are dealing with a parent who is not following the parenting plan set out by the court concerning the custody of your minor child, the best thing to do is to document the violations. Documenting violations includes keeping a written list or calendar showing when the other parent didn’t abide by the rules. It can include any messages from that parent indicating he or she is not going to follow the plan. This documentation is important evidence in your potential case. Call an attorney to review your parenting plan and assess the situation. The attorney will advise you on whether or not the violation warrants filing a Petition for Contempt.