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Closure After Divorce: A Unique Celebration

closure after divorce

Divorces are rarely pleasant experiences, but there can be benefits after the successful conclusion of a divorce (and even, for some, reason to celebrate). The obvious benefits is that (one way or another) the disputes between the parties are resolved… either by agreement or by a court order. There is a limbo that many people feel going through a divorce because they are not yet released from the marriage to move forward, but they do not feel connected to their soon-to-be-terminated marriage, either. At the conclusion of divorce proceedings, this limbo concludes as documents are entered into court that resolve matters like the division of assets/debts and the terms of sharing parenting time with minor children.

The feeling of closure as that limbo comes to an end is an element not recited in the court documents… there’s not “official” recognition of the opportunity to begin or continue emotionally disconnecting from the marriage.

Sometimes the last thing parties do as a married couple is come to an agreement on the terms of the divorce. When that does not happen, then the parties present evidence to the court and decisions are made based on that evidence. Either way, the entry of a divorce accompanied by documents that resolve all pending matters is a pivotal event that marks a new chapter in both parties’ lives.

People may celebrate this “limbo-ending” event in a variety of ways. One celebration we find… explosively… entertaining can be seen in one Texan’s video.

(P.S., If you’re finding it difficult to feel celebratory after your divorce concludes, that is okay, too. You may want to check out our blog on coping with depression or other difficult emotions after a divorce instead.)

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