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Therapy: Who Needs It? Why?

who needs therapy

Each of us probably needs therapy at some point. Why? As a family law firm, we suggest it to many clients as a way to cope with divorce-related life changes like adjusting to living alone, sharing custody of their children with their ex or having to find a new job.

For some, there is stigma associated with seeking counseling. Many people think that needing professional help is a sign of weakness, or that sharing their problems with others and asking for help is selfish.

We couldn’t disagree more with that idea.

One key is to realize that not all therapy is the same. People seek it out for all sorts of reasons and it’s fairly common for people to need some help dealing with life’s curveballs.


Again, there are several reasons, but many Held Law Firm clients tend to go to counseling for pretty specific reasons:

  1. Pre-adoption counseling. Adopting a child is a huge decision that impacts the entire family. Counseling is a great first step to take before beginning the adoption process. It can help you decide if it’s the right decision for your family and where your strengths and weaknesses are as parents and partners. In this way, it can help prepare you for one of the most important decisions of your life.
  2. Divorce coaching. This is fairly similar to relationship counseling, with the understanding that the relationship will look a lot different moving forward. Therefore, it helps couples process emotions around their divorce, set boundaries and effectively communicate with each other. Plus, it can help them figure out how to coparent if they have children.
  3. Depression/anxiety. With big changes come stress. With stress often comes anxiety. Then depression may follow. Since many of our clients come to us during or just before huge life transitions, therapy can help them through some really difficult times.


Whatever a person’s needs, we often recommend that our clients seek out counseling. Sometimes it helps to have a neutral party to talk to about what’s going on. That can help you gain some perspective without the pressure that can accompany speaking to friends or family. Clients often need professional help dealing with the stress that naturally accompanies major life events. Either way, we don’t pass judgement. Truly, we’re here to advocate for your best interests in whatever way we can.

Whether you hope to resolve longstanding issues in your personal life, or just need some regularly scheduled time to focus on yourself, we fully support our clients’ decisions to seek help and are here to help facilitate that. To that end, we maintain a database of local therapists, including their practice areas and contact information. That way, we can provide that information to our clients upon request.

That’s a level of personal service you won’t find at most other law practices. If you need a firm that will take the time to walk through these changes with you as you work your way through the court system, call us today at 865-685-4780.

The information in this blog was compiled and written by Faith Held.