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What Is a Collaborative Law Divorce, and Is It Right for Me?

collaborative law

If you are considering a divorce and perusing your options, you may have seen articles or websites about “Collaborative Law” as an option for a divorce.

Collaborative law is an approach that seeks to avoid the traditional adversarial litigation model in favor of a team approach to conflict resolution. Attorneys that practice collaborative law are specially trained and have made a commitment to the team approach to resolve the divorce. The parties agree, in a written contract, to jointly retain the necessary specialists to assist in reaching an agreement and the attorneys involved agree that neither will represent either party in court if the collaborative effort is unsuccessful.

divorce coach, typically a licensed mental health professional, helps guide the process and works with the parties to move through conflicts and aid in communication. The divorce coach keeps the process going forward and facilitates meetings.

A financial specialist is employed to analyze the parties’ financial assets and options and assist with developing a plan. Sometimes, if children are involved, a child specialist may be utilized to help with the parenting plan.

The idea is for the parties to gather information from neutral resources and make informed decisions about the future of their family. Collaborative law divorces are not for every divorce, because it does involve cooperation and agreement of the parties to just begin the process, but if this sounds like something that would work for you, please contact us for more information.

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