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Types of Mediation Explained

Mediation is a process in which parties try to settle their divorce or custody case with the help of a neutral third party without going to court. It is required in every divorce or custody case in Tennessee. However, there are different approaches to the mediation process depending on the mediator you hire.

We’ve compared some of the most common types of mediators and mediation styles you might encounter.

There are different types of mediation.

  • Shuttle Mediation: Each party is in a separate room, and the mediator shuttles between them to broker a settlement. This is the most common type of mediation (and the kind of mediation you can expect at Held Law Firm).
  • Caucus Mediation: Both parties, their attorneys, and the mediator are in the same room, and the mediator attempts to guide the parties toward a solution.
  • Transformative Mediation: The mediator tries to find the source of the problem on a psychological and interpersonal level.

There are different types of mediators.

  • Evaluative mediators help each party to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their cases. Evaluative mediators rely on their experiences and training to find creative solutions to the conflict.
  • Facilitative mediators view their role as facilitating communication between the parties. Facilitative mediators try not to inject themselves into the conflict resolution process.