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What Are Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney Before Hiring Them?

You’ve decided to hire a divorce attorney to handle your case. It’s definitely a wise move to consult and hire an attorney to handle divorce and family law cases in Tennessee. The laws are much more intricate than people believe, so having a professional on your side gives you the advantage you might need to win your case.

But don’t just hire the first attorney you can find in the phone book. You must shop around as you would for anything else. Certain questions should come up in your initial discussion with a Tennessee divorce attorney. Ask these questions to find the best divorce attorney for your circumstances.

1. What qualifications do you have?

Does the prospective attorney have the credentials to practice family law in Tennessee? Many people assume that lawyers can take cases in all specialties. Very few attorneys practice general law. It’s much better to hire an attorney that specifically studies and takes cases in family law in Tennessee. You can ask for proof that the attorney passed the bar exam and proof of their work in family law before committing to hiring them.

2. What kind of experiences do you have in family law cases?

Experienced attorneys will be able to highlight their most relevant experiences to your case. They should be able to give details on how they handled similar cases in the past. You’ll have confidence in an attorney that has argued and settled divorce cases in the past. Newer attorneys can also be thorough and talented, but you might need someone with real experience to get the best result you desire.

3. How will you plan and litigate my case?

Now you get to see the attorney’s initial planning skills. If the attorney can come up with a decent plan right on the spot, they should be able to form an even better plan once you have hired them to take your case. The attorney will ask you at this point about your goals for the case and what you want to see happen as a result of the case. Be honest and clear about your goals and intentions so that the attorney can paint an accurate picture of the strategy for your case.

4. What are the anticipated costs?

Most attorneys will be able to tell you up front about the costs associated with their services. You can usually work out compensation packages and plans before hiring an attorney. If you’re willing to pay for more experience and expertise, you should get the result you want in court. It all depends on your goals and what you are willing to pay to accomplish those goals.

divorce attorney can be the best ally you have in a family law case in Tennessee. Be sure to research local attorneys thoroughly until you find one you are comfortable with and able to work with. Take your time to explain your case and explore the attorney’s experience so you know what to expect.