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Dealing With Post-Divorce Depression

Divorce is a difficult time that leads many people to a period of post-divorce depression. Even if the divorce was your idea or truly is for the best, you need to give yourself time to heal after the loss of your marriage. Here are a few ways you can try and prevent post-divorce depression or help yourself when feel like you’re slipping into this common emotion.

Dealing with Post-Divorce Depression

Find Support

Make it a point to spend more time with local friends and family members and socialize more rather than sitting at home alone. It’s also a good idea to find a local support group where you can go and talk to others who are experiencing divorce as well. You need not limit yourself to Tennessee, however. The internet makes it possible for you to reach out to support groups all around the globe where you can get help and support to deal with your divorce as well as be reminded that you’re not alone.

Make Contact

Many newly divorced people find themselves missing human contact. You don’t think about how many times your spouse hugs you, sits up against you or otherwise touches you until they are no longer there to do it. The sudden lack of physical contact divorce brings is difficult for some people. To counteract this, get regular massages, hug your close friends often, schedule a manicure, go country line dancing or do anything else you can think of that involves physical contact with another person. It won’t take much to have you feeling connected to the human race again.

Get Moving

Depression is a very real ailment, and it’s one that is as much physical as emotional. To combat it after a divorce, get yourself up and moving. Take advantage of Tennessee’s many walking trails and abundant state parks. Go hiking, biking, camping or boating. Take a Zumba class. Take up yoga. Whatever it is that moves you, do more of it to get your body as physically fit as you can. Eat a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables as well. Exercise and healthy eating habits have been proven to help combat depression and, as an added bonus, will have you in good condition when you’re ready to start dating again.

Give Yourself Permission

Some days you will be able to put your divorce in a comfortable place and handle the transition with grace and serenity. Other days you will not. If you give into a crying fit, have an angry day or binge on comfort food, forgive yourself and move on. Divorce represents a significant loss, and it’s a loss you will need to grieve just as you do other losses in your life. Don’t flog yourself when you have a rough day or you risk feeding the negative thoughts that depression brings.