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What is Case Staffing?

Each month, Held Law Firm sets aside a day that we call “File Review.” On this day, the entire firm comes together to review your file. You will see a $35 case staffing entry on each monthly invoice with a summary of the discussion.

What do you get for that $35?

You get the knowledge and support of the entire Held Law Firm staff!

At file review, your attorney will summarize the case. Then, all staff members discuss the latest developments in your case, what is next, what to do and when to do it. The office manager is in charge of making sure that you are not surprised by a big bill and enough money is in your account to fund the work. The communications director identifies common trends with all our clients and develops resources to meet their needs. He also assigns articles to be written by the attorneys and published on our website to address the needs that our clients have in common. We create a workflow and make sure every person on the Held Law Firm team knows what’s going on with your case and with the Courts.

Most law firms give you an attorney. We give our clients the combined expertise of four attorneys and support staff with a diversity of expertise in a process designed to keep your case in top notch shape and communication clear among you and the Held Law Firm staff.

The file review process is unique among law firms and one of the reasons we are so proud of our work.

This article was written and produced by Charis Kraski.