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LawPay: A new payment tool for our clients

When it comes to money, we want to meet our clients where they are comfortable. So, if cash, checks, money orders or cashier’s checks are your thing, we’ve got you covered. But if you prefer the ease of confidential credit card or eCheck payments online, we’re proud to offer those service to our clients as well with our new, online payment system powered by LawPay.

With LawPay, clients no longer need to deal with obstacles to pay a retainer, a trust replenishment, or an outstanding balance on a closed case. Now, clients have the option to pay through a link on their monthly invoice or directly on our website at Recurring payments are available as well.

Fees are considerably lower than other credit card payment platforms –

  • Standard cards 1.95%+.20 per transaction
  • Specialty Cards (corporate, rewards) 2.95+.20
  • AmEx 3.5%+.20
  • eCheck $2.00 flat fee

We are happy to offer this service and hope it makes things a little easier during what is often a scary, difficult and tumultuous time. We hope that you will take advantage of this easy payment method.

For more information go to or call us at (865) 637-6550 to find out how to make your payment online.

LawPay is designed specifically for the legal industry and is in compliance with the American Bar Association and IOLTA (trust fund) guidelines.

This article was written and produced by Charis Kraski.