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How to Lower Divorce Costs

Every day, we get a call from a potential client asking about the cost of a divorce. Of course, the answer is always “it depends.” However, we’re happy to advise our current and future clients on ways they can try to lower their costs during the legal process. Here are some of our best tips:

  1. Put your differences aside to get the job done.

Obviously, you’re getting divorced for a reason. However, the more you fight, the more expensive your case is going to be. If possible, come to a mutual agreement to work together throughout your divorce process. Open communication between you and your spouse will save you time, money and headache. If working together isn’t a possibility for you two, then you’re more than likely looking at a hefty divorce bill.

  1. Gather your most recent statements for all of your assets and debts before your appointment with us.

Being prepared and having the necessary documents we need beforehand will make your divorce faster and cheaper. If you bring us your asset and debt documentation to your case assessment, we’re able to put together a better idea of your marital estate from the start. We may even be able to send you out the door with a draft of your asset & debt breakdown that day. Collect statements for your mortgage, car loans, bank accounts, credit cards, retirement accounts, etc. and bring with you to your appointment.

  1. Hire an attorney who has a full support staff.

This is an advantage to you because support staff have lower billing rates than our attorneys. Work on your case is divided out among us, aligning with our skill set, to get documents drafted, processed, filed and billed at a fraction of the cost. Our paralegal is able to draft everything in your case for an attorney’s review for only $150 per hour compared to $350 per hour. We’re also able to run your case faster because of our efficient team.

  1. Actively participate with your attorney and their staff.

We wish we could snap our fingers, and have you divorced, but we need your help, too. If we need documentation or have a question, be sure to stay on top of getting paperwork to us and answering our questions. Be sure to check your email and voicemails frequently and get back to us as soon as you can. If you have questions or want to see a document; ask us. Being on the same page with your attorney and participating in the process will help alleviate errors and confusion, making your divorce faster and more cost effective.