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Where to Live During a Divorce

When getting divorced, the last thing many of our clients want to do is go home at the end of every day to face their spouse. Divorce opens the door wide for conflict between soon-to-be exes. However, it can be difficult to decide where to live during a divorce.  One of the first things many Held Law Firm clients do after deciding to split is look for a place to live, even if only temporarily.

But housing options are at an all-time low in Knox and surrounding counties. That’s according to Derek Maples, a local realtor. “In Knox County, we need around 3,000 homes available for sale to meet the demand of qualified buyers. There are currently only around 1,300. That lack of inventory in the marketplace is causing buyers to purchase homes they aren’t crazy about and at significantly higher prices.”

The housing shortage doesn’t just affect potential home buyers, either. “Landlords are taking full advantage of this [shortage], as rental rates have jumped 22 percent in the last two years,” Maples says.


Few adults want to move in with their parents or friends. So, many of our clients find themselves searching for short-term rentals. That way, they have somewhere to stay while adjusting to life as a divorcee.

The problem? “There is an even greater inventory shortage of short-term rentals for tenants who only need a three- to nine-month lease for various reasons such as divorce, building a new home, or a job transfer,” says Maples. “Oftentimes, these consumers are not picky and just need a place to stay with more space than an apartment – one that does not lock them into a 12-month lease with massive security deposits and cancellation penalties.” Nevertheless, finding a place to call home for less than a year is tricky in the Knoxville market.

This is one way that Held Law Firm is a great asset to clients. We maintain a database of realtors and other professionals like Maples, should clients find themselves in need.

As you can see, our firm doesn’t just represent clients in the courtroom. We strive to provide outstanding service at every opportunity. If you require an attorney who works as part of a dedicated team and helps ensure success in your post-divorce life, give us a call today at (865) 685-4780. We’re here to help.