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How Does Military Service Affect Child Support?

All parents have a duty to support their children. That duty, of course, extends to members of the military. It is a common myth that the Service Members Civil Relief Act shields service members from having to pay child support. However, calculating a military member’s child support is a bit different than for a civilian parent. The court considers a service member’s basic pay plus whatever “allowances” they are entitled to as income. Both will impact the amount of support the service member is ordered to pay.

A service member’s basic pay is based upon military officer rank or enlisted grade. Their years of service also affects their pay. Their pay might also include a housing allowance (known as Basic Allowance for Housing or BAH). It’s possible they might get a food allowance (Basic Allowance for Subsistence or BAS). They could receive special skill pay (such as flight pay for pilots or sea pay for sailors). Their pay might also include bonuses. Not all service members receive BAH, BAS or special skills pay, however. For example, service members do not receive BAH if they are live in government housing.


Parents receiving child support from a military member should remember that certain allowances are tax-free income. Be sure to account for that when calculating child support. Furthermore, a service member should know that their specific branch of service will dictate what they should be paying if no child support is otherwise ordered.

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