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Defining “Light” in Lightly Contested Divorces

As an attorney that practices in the area of contested family law issues, I encounter varying degrees of acrimony (or bitterness)  between parties. However, there are times when there is minimal acrimony and the parties arrive at a mutual decision that divorce is the best option. This does not mean that the parties agree on every issue–or that they have thought of all of the things that must be determined when a divorce occurs–but they have arrived at the decision that a divorce is the path that they are taking. We call these divorces, where both parties agree that the divorce is the right option for them, “lightly contested divorces.” 

Held Law Firm will only represent one party in a divorce. However, for lightly contested divorces, it is recognized that it is unlikely that litigation will occur. Based on our experience, these type of divorces will reach a resolution with some negotiation and exchange of documentation to provide adequate disclosure of assets and debts. This frequently saves the clients some money on legal fees.

How do you know if you have a lightly contested divorce?  

  1.  Do you have minor children, and have you agreed on a custodial arrangement that is best for the children?
  2.  Do you own a home, and have you agreed if one of you is going to keep it or if it is going to be sold?
  3.  Do you feel knowledgeable about the finances of your family in terms of assets and debts?
  4.  Have you and your spouse agreed to divorce?

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