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Important Questions for Your Divorce Lawyer

Choosing your divorce lawyer is one of the most important decisions you will make as you proceed through a divorce. There are several things you should ask prospective lawyers, and when you ask them make sure you get a thorough answer.

  1.  How are retainers and legal fees handled for divorces?

You are entitled to a written fee agreement that explains how your money will be handled by your divorce lawyer and/or the law firm. The document should indicate if your retainer is refundable or non-refundable and what happens if your retainer is exhausted. At Held Law Firm we will provide you with a written fee agreement that explains your retainer, the rates of attorney and staff works and how additional funds are requested.

  1.  Who will be working on my case?

A law firm should inform you how the office operates and who will help you with discovery and if other attorneys may be working on your case. At Held Law Firm, we offer a team approach and you will meet the members of our team and their roles will be explained to you.

  1.  Do you know the opposing counsel?

If you are coming to a law firm after having been served with a divorce complaint, then your spouse has hired an attorney. It is reasonable to ask your attorney about the opposing counsel’s reputation and how it might impact your case.

  1.  Do you handle a lot of Divorces?

Family or divorce law is a unique area of law and you are entitled to know if the law firm is experienced in the field. You should determine if the attorney handles mainly divorces or if divorce is one of many fields of practice. At Held Law Firm, we primarily handle all sorts of family law cases, including but not limited to divorces, child support, post divorce custodyalimonypre-nuptial agreements and adoptions.

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