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Why Pick Held Law Firm?

It’s important to have a sense of why people hire you instead of The Other Guy.  From listening to our clients at Held Law Firm, we can say this:

What makes us different, and the reason why people hire us rather than The Other Guy, is…

(1) We care about our clients, and they know it.

They feel that we represent THEM, not just their case. They feel like we care about them as people, have their back, will be honest with them, will root for them, will stand up for them. They like the instant email, but there is no substitute for the phone call. And they love that our first question is, “before we get into it, how are you doing? How’s the kid?” This is, many times, as important to them as whether or not we win the case.

(2) We inspire our clients with more than our competence.

People hire us rather than The Other Guy because, with us, they receive personal coachingcontactcare, and concern. Technically, anyone can get you divorced, or tell you that a DUI can have severe consequences. Plenty of law firms convey their competence. What sets Held Law Firm apart is that we can, and will, help our clients create a positive, happy, better life on the other side. We follow up and spend time making sure we’ve done everything we can for our clients.

(3) We’re patient.

Just because the law is familiar and routine for us doesn’t mean it is for our clients. At Held Law Firm, we don’t rush, we don’t mind answering questions, and we make every attempt to assure that you know you’re not just another case. Your individual situation matters to us, and we take our time making sure you are educated and involved throughout the process.

When you’re ready to schedule a case assessment with us, call (865) 685-4780 to set a time to meet with Margaret Held or another Held Law Firm attorney.