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Darrell Winfree

About Darrell Winfree

Our newest attorney, Darrell Winfree,  comes to Held Law Firm with an undergraduate background in psychology, and additional criminal law experience through an internship with the Knox County public defender’s office.

While all Held Law Firm attorneys can handle any of the issues that come up in a divorce, Darrell’s unique skills and experience especially suit him to help our clients who are being psychologically traumatized by the experience – clients who are victims of domestic violence, for example, who need an Order of Protection.  In addition, Darrell defends falsely accused people, both in civil and criminal courts. Darrell also leads the firm’s efforts in the area of juvenile justice, representing children and their families when a child is facing criminal charges in the juvenile court system.

“When I was an undergrad, I leaned toward psychology as a means to help people deal with their personal tragedies,” says Darrell, “however, over time, I learned that the best way to deal with psychological trauma might be to resolve the underlying stress that caused it in the first place.  The best way to help someone traumatized by their terrible relationship with their spouse is to get them out of the marriage. The best way to help some kids who are acting out is to use the legal system to get them the guidance and support they need.  It was that realization that led me to the practice of law.”